43-53 Oxford St Epping

43-53 Oxford St Epping


This DA for a childcare centre opposite Epping Public School has been submitted for review following refusal by the Planning Panel.

The proposed development is for a new aged care and senior living development on the corner of Chester and Oxford Streets, Epping.  

In 2018, Uniting put in a DA with City of Parramatta to redevelop their site on this junction. It was formerly known as Coombah and was a two storey senior living complex (now empty and closed up). That DA was withdrawn due to objections about numerous issues (height, density, setback, tree loss, traffic) and they have now lodged a new DA with revised plans. You can see the full paperwork and plans on the council site here: http://eplanning.parracity.nsw.gov.au/pages/xc.track/SearchApplication.aspx?id=594142

The Trust will be making a submission opposing this DA mainly on the following grounds:
  • We query whether a 16 storey high rise tower is an appropriate model for aged care and assisted living for seniors. This is the first of three similar developments on church owned property that are proposed but not yet approved (the others are at OLHC and the Anglican church). The Trust thinks the community should be discussing more broadly this move to high rise senior living and whether it will lead to good outcomes in the longer term. 
  • The building occupies much of the site area, with very little ground level open space for walking and chatting. The one section of open space is around a significant tree at the back of the site that they have had to retain - and is a very small space. Other outdoor areas are on the roof - likely to be hot and windy and an isolating space for seniors
  • There are no parks or public gardens within easy walking distance for seniors.
  • The site is at the edge of the CBD and the aged residents will in no way be integrated with the community. They will be tucked away in a high rise tower, out of sight and out of mind. 
  • The LEP/DCP allows a fifteen storey building. The proposed building at sixteen storeys exceeds the allowable height. It towers above the three storey building on the opposite side of Chester St. It does not appropriately transition in height to buildings either across Chester St, or along it. It increases in height along Chester St towards Oxford St.
  • It overshadows the buildings on the Eastern side of Oxford St in midwinter.
  • The current site has parking for 26 cars. This proposed site will have parking for 155 cars, which will inevitably further contribute to Epping's traffic woes and is adjacent to the roundabout on Oxford Street which is a busy junction already
For these and other reasons, such as the loss of green canopy (2 significant trees on the front of the site will go), we will be opposing this development. We would encourage any resident who has these or other concerns to make a submission to Council before the closing date of 11 December - see box opposite.
Uniting photomontage
This DA is on exhibition for public comments until 11 December 2019. Short submissions can be emailed to council@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au - include your name, address, email and the DA number - DA/646/2019.