Epping school developments

Epping school developments

Changes are planned to some of Epping's public schools to meet growing demand

The population of Epping is predicted to grow by at least 10,000 extra residents by 2025 and the suburb’s schools are already seeing the pressure of these growing numbers.

The demountable ‘village’ at West Epping PS is well known – it has been gobbling up the playground in recent years, and causing traffic chaos on surrounding streets. Epping PS has a new three storey building that has nearly doubled capacity.

Recently a flyer was distributed in some parts of Epping with information from the State Government on their plans for schools.

Education Department Update

This has two main components:

  • Upgrade at Epping West PS with new learning spaces (and presumably permanent buildings to accommodate the increased numbers?)
  • A new primary school on the old TAFE site on Chelmsford Ave. This will be address the rising need for new places in primary and ensure this site remains in public ownership (and not sold off for more residential).

But the flyer is short on financial detail. Its great to see the planning progress (albeit at a snail’s pace as the TAFE news was first announced nearly two years ago), but are these proposals budgeted yet? No money = no building.

And, there is the glaring omission of any reference to high schools. There is a bubble of high school aged kids heading towards Epping and no sign the government is moving to address it. Cheltenham and Epping Boys are already at capacity – so will the government increase them with new buildings, or will the area get a much needed new High School? It would be good to know.

The old TAFE site