Next General Meeting – 19th November 2019

Next General Meeting – 19th November 2019

The next General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 19th November at Epping Church of Christ Hall, 31 Bridge Street at 7:30pm. We are delighted to have an outstanding speaker for this meeting – Leigh Staas who is the Associate Director of the Smarter Green cities Research Centre at Macquarie Uni. The talk will be a TedX style discussion as follows:

Title: How much would you be willing to pay for shade?

Description: The world is heading to a place where a cool breeze will never come and in the face of climate change, there is a fundamental flaw in how we are designing our cities and suburbs. But there is a cheap and effective solution for cooling our cities.

By the end of this talk, you’re not only going to want shade, but you’ll be willing to pay for it and you’ll be shown the cheapest way to get it.

Everyone is welcome to attend.