Meet the Candidates for Epping – held at Epping Church of Christ Hall, 14 March 2023

Meet the Candidates for Epping – held at Epping Church of Christ Hall, 14 March 2023

The event was jointly hosted by Epping Civic Trust and Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Trust. Four of the six
candidates for the seat of Epping attended and participated in the meeting.

The candidates who attended were Phil Bradley (Greens), Carmen Terceiro (Animal Justice Party), Alan
Mascarenhas (Labor Party) and Vic Waterson (independent).

We provided copies of the written responses from Dominic Perrottet (Liberal Party) to the questions we sent the candidates. Brad Molloy (Sustainable Australia Party) did not respond to our questions. The other
candidates answered in person at the meeting. In addition, Phil Bradley also sent his written responses to
the questions.

Each candidate addressed the meeting, and then they answered some questions we sent in advance from
members of both Trust committees. They then answered questions from the audience. The questions in
advance were:

  • Beecroft Cheltenham residents voted, in a survey conducted by their Civic Trust, that the single biggest issue for them was noise from the M2. This noise is louder than predicted and appears to have increased since the opening of the North Connex. If elected, what would you do to ameliorate this noise?
  • The Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust has written to the current government (copy attached with no reply having been received) highlighting difficulties and inherent conflicts built into the current system of private certifiers. If elected, what would you do to address these concerns?
  • The State Government funded a cycle track through Beecroft and Cheltenham. This track is not connected to any track on either the north or the south, with the result that it is not connected into
    Sydney’s regional cycle network. If elected, what would you do to address this problem?
  • If elected, will you commit to the State government funding much-needed public green space in Epping to replace the loss of the former Epping bowling club.
  • We are seeing increasing traffic problems, and we need a thoughtful approach to the increased traffic along the M2 and Epping Rd railway bridge. If elected, what will you do?
  • We are seeing severe loss of tree canopy throughout Epping and Beecroft/Cheltenham. The State
    Government issued a legislative direction that local councils must implement a Local Strategic Planning Statement to make our communities more sustainable and more liveable. The intent of the LSPS is to preserve tree canopy in Parramatta and Hornsby Councils but current development policies are still allowing wholesale removal of trees. If elected, what will you do to ensure NSW tree canopy targets are met? Noting in particular the future predictions of severe heating impacts in Sydney and elsewhere.

Questions from the audience:

  • What is your plan for mental health services in the Epping community?
  • Would you support resumption of the bushland near Byles Creek to protect this habitat from development?
  • Do you support the plan to give each child $400 and then an annual contribution?
  • Does the current landuse planning system appropriately balance the interests of developers and residents?
  • How would you ensure protection of biodiversity?
  • Would you support bonus allowances for developers that build affordable housing?
  • What protections would you like to see for whistleblowers (concerning government mismanagement)?
  • What are the issues that are front of your mind when you think about the electorate of Epping?