Hornsby DCP changes and planning proposals

Hornsby DCP changes and planning proposals

Council has a planning proposal affecting a number of areas around Epping on exhibition


The City of Parramatta Council has on exhibition planning proposals (for 3 areas in Epping) and changes to the old Hornsby DCP. Residents can review them and make a submission by 25th September.

The Trust has concerns about two of these proposals specifically:

* Pembroke Street in Epping - where zoning that will allow more unit blocks would extend down the street between Essex and Norfolk Roads.
* Rosebank Ave (off Carlingford Road) - changes to the Heritage Conservation Area on this street which would remove those protections from a number of houses that are near the 5 storey unit developments. This would allow 3 storey blocks to be built further down the road, and just moves the interface issues to other homes on this leafy street.

The Trust has lodged a submission raising issues with these proposals which you can read here.