Heritage Conservation Areas

Heritage Conservation Areas

Heritage Conservation Areas These are zones around the Epping Town Centre which have special planning provisions to preserve their period characteristics and streetscape.

A heritage conservation area (HCA) is an area recognised and valued for its special historical and aesthetic character. Important elements that contribute to the heritage significance of a HCA include the architectural style of buildings, fences, trees and gardens.

The City of Parramatta Council has identified a number of these HCAs in Epping and Eastwood as being culturally significant, and have included them in its Local Environmental Plan (LEP). The HCAs have legal standing on what changes can be made to buildings, greenery, street furniture and street trees in order to preserve the unique character of the place for the benefit of future generations.

These heritage provisions do not prevent change, but instead, are intended to guide how changes should occur. Day-to-day ‘maintenance’ including gardening, cleaning, painting of interiors and  exterior timber details are encouraged, along with the reinstatement of missing original features such as fences, verandas and decorative details. The advantage of a heritage listing is that owners can access local heritage grants from the local Council, and obtain free advice from Council’s Heritage Advisor for any renovations and beautification that improve the heritage value of a property.

If you would like to know if your property is located in one of these HCAs, go to the following link:

https://www.cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au/sites/council/files/2021-09/Heritage%20Map%20Sheet.pdf  (Maps 15 & 16 for Epping and Eastwood).