General Meeting – November 2022

General Meeting – November 2022

The Trust will be holding a General Meeting on Tuesday the 15th of November 2022 at 7.30pm. The meeting will be held in the hall at the rear of the Church of Christ, Bridge St, Epping.


1) Welcome and Apologies

2) Confirmation of previous minutes

3) Business arising from the minutes

4) Treasurer’s report

5) Guest Speaker

6) Any other business

Guest Speaker topic  – Tree Policy

Our speakers are Robert Cologna, Group Manager Strategic Land Use Planning, and Robert Sutton,
Technical Specialist Manager from Parramatta Council.

Trees and greenery are an important and vital part of the environment we live in and around. Time spent in nature is good for us & the Japanese have a term to describe the related experience – “shinrin-yoku” – “forest bathing”. Unfortunately many trees in Epping are being lost & while Parramatta council has a tree planting program without tree policy changes we fear that some significant & beautiful trees may be lost. This is why the Trust has put together a tree policy submission to council & why we have invited staff from the council to to come and hear what residents think and want in a tree policy

We will also discuss the Trust’s tree policy submission to Council.