Epping to Carlingford Cycleway

Epping to Carlingford Cycleway

Council has a proposal for a cycleway from Epping to Carlingford.

The City of Parramatta Council has a proposal to build a cycleway between Epping and Carlingford. This would be funded through monies from the Stronger Communities Fund from the State Government. Council has publicised details on the route and project including a detailed plan - you can see details of the proposal on the Council website here.

This proposal was orginally circulated to local residents in October/November 2019. At that time, the Trust wrote to Parramatta Council to protest that insufficient time had been given to affected residents and the community to properly assess and comment upon the proposed Cycleway. We also listed in that submission many important concerns that members had raised. You can read the submission here.

As a result, and also following on from two meetings of concerned residents in mid-November, Council has stopped any further physical work on the Cycleway until all affected residents have been consulted, and their concerns addressed.

They have now readvertised the proposal for comments from residents. The closing date for receipt of submissions is Wednesday 11 March. In addition, there is a Community Information Session on Tuesday 18th February. See all the details in the box.

After this information session, the Trust will decide whether to make an additional submission on the proposal.

URGENT The Council has a web page on this proposal with detailed plans for various sections of the proposed route. You can access this here.
This proposed cycleway is open for comments until Wednesday 11 March 2020. The Trust encourages Epping residents to make a submission.

Submissions can be emailed to transportplanning@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au

A Community Information Session on the proposal will be held on Tuesday 18th February between 4-7pm at the Epping Learning and Leisure Centre, under Epping Library, Chambers Court, Epping. Council staff will be in attendance to answer questions on the proposal.

To make representations to the local councillors,you can email them:

Donna Davis - ddavis@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au

Lorraine Wearne - lwearne@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au

Bill Tyrrell - btyrrell@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au