8 Rawson Street

8 Rawson Street


Eastwood-Epping Heritage Conservation Area Under Attack


Over the years the Epping Civic Trust has taken actions to protect the Eastwood Epping Heritage Conservation Area (HCA).  This Development Application represents an affront to the HCA as it includes multiple changes which are out of character and non-compliant with requirements for dwellings in heritage areas.

You can see details of the application here.

Have your Say

The DA includes tree removal and construction of a secondary dwelling, and is on exhibition until 17 April 2018. We ask that you please make a submission objecting to it before this date. We need as many residents as possible make their voice heard to protect our suburb and its heritage.

Your submission must be in writing (letter or email) and be received during the notification period which ends 17 April 2018. You can find the Council contact details for correspondence and emails here.

Alternatively, you can email your objections here.
When contacting the council, be sure to clearly identify the DA you are objecting to and give your name and address.

Please also consider sending your submission to Damien Tudehope, Member for Epping, and the Epping Ward Councillors Donna Davis, Lorraine Wearne and Bill Tyrrell.

Reasons for objecting to this DA include:

  • The proposed secondary dwelling will be visible from the street and is not in keeping with the street’s character homes and hence not in keeping with the HCA’s streetscape. 
  • The side setbacks proposed are not in keeping with the HCA’s requirements and streetscape.  This offers no public benefit and will have a negative impact on the neighbouring property.
  • The size of the property, at 796.1 sqms, does not qualify for dual occupancy so the development proposed is not suitable for the land.  The building of a secondary home with two bedrooms should not be permitted.  
  • It is a requirement for HCA to maintain a front garden area and the garden space is to be 60%.  The secondary dwelling proposed will require removal of much of the garden space and will result in non-compliance with the 60% required.
  • The tree removal proposed is unacceptable.  The proposal includes non-compliance on some parts of the property for deep soil requirements.  This means mature trees forming part of the existing landscape will most likely not be replaced.  The trees are part of the character of the HCA streetscape and must be protected.
  • Should this DA be approved it will set a precedent for allowing developments which do not comply with the planning controls for this HCA.  This therefore has potential to negate the benefit of having a HCA to protect the beautiful homes and character of this area.