44-48 Oxford Street

44-48 Oxford Street


Planning Panel defers the application for a second time


The  Sydney Central City Planning Panel met on 4th April to consider this DA for a second time.

Representations were made by the Trust and others, again expressing concern about the demolition of the Heritage cottage on the site and about the traffic implications of the development. As consequence, the Panel again deferred their decision on the application, pending provision of further information. 

You can access the Panel's full statement here.

Use the Tags link above to see earlier posts concerning this DA, including links to Council and Planning Panel documents, and the Trust's submission to Council.

Make Your Views Known

Thanks to those who have made representations to Parramatta Council and the Planning Panel there has been some progress, especially concerning saving the heritage listed cottage on the site.

However, the battle is far from over, and once we have access to the new information requested by the Planning Panel and any variations proposed by the developer, it will be as important as ever for everyone to ensure the Panel hears from residents.

Please keep checking back here for updates. Once the rescheduled Planning Panel meeting is announced and the associated documents published, there is likely to be matter of only days to prepare and make submissions. Your participation does make a difference

The Panel has requested updates on the current traffic situation, given that estimates based on the 2011 Traffic report are likely to be inaccurate.  The panel also asked for the completion date of the Strategic Traffic Study, currently underway.  This seems to be a positive development given that, to date, Panel deliberations on other developments have allowed developers to ignore this current study.

The Panel's feedback on the heritage cottage is less encouraging - focusing on interpretation options if the cottage is demolished.  One glimmer of hope is that Panel appear to be weighing the trade off between retaining the cottage and breaching the height limits in the Local Environment Plan.

Heritage Listed Cottage at the site
Proposed Buildings at 44-48 Oxford Street