263 Malton Road, North Epping

263 Malton Road, North Epping

DA/514/2022 - Hornsby Council

An historic old residence and land at 263 Malton Rd, North Epping, is threatened with demolition and sub-division.

Hornsby Council DA/514/2022, subdivision at 263 Malton Rd.

An historic old residence and land at 263 Malton Rd, North Epping, is threatened with demolition and sub-division to four lots.

At present, a DA is under consideration by Hornsby Council for another demolition of a slice of North Epping history, and more sub-division. 

The house at 263 Malton is accessed down a laneway and tucked away. But the land also backs onto Walker Place. The substantial full brick house at 236 Malton Road is a Californian bungalow with the characteristics of a house built in the 1930’s. Being mostly acreage lots, North Epping would have been sparsely populated at that time. This house, set back above the road, would have been quite prominently positioned on its lot and typical of houses built on broad acreage lots in the pre-building boom era of the 60’s when many lots were subdivided and built upon. The house has been extended but the fabric remains and opens onto the remaining open land. 

The proposal would see the house demolished, and land sub divided into four tiny blocks - only barely over the required 500sq metres. Unfortunately the house was not on the Hornsby Council heritage register so a case has to be made that it represents a vital piece of local history. The local story is that the land was used as a rose nursery. North Epping was originally cleared by timber fellers, subdivided into acreages and utilised for orchards, nurseries and poultry farms. Typical were F Bailey’s and M Jacobs poultry farms after whom Bailey Crescent and Jacobs Close were named. There are few residences from this era remaining. These houses should be protected toprovide a link to the farming era. We have already lost the house at 155 Norfolk Road. 

Please see a detailed history of the site here. 

In addition, they propose to remove some very large and healthy trees on the proposed Lot 20 – see arborist report (Tree #5: Lemon scented gum @ 18m, tree #6 : Lemon scented gum @25m, Tree #7: @18m, and Tree #8: Silky oak @20m).

It would be a great loss environmentally.

If you object to this DA you can best do so by stating your views in a submission in response to this subdivision DA - DA/514/2022. The following link takes you to the site where you can see the paperwork. See box to the right on lodging a submission - closing date is 14 June 2022.