19-21 Forest Grove, Epping

19-21 Forest Grove, Epping


The proposed development is of 21 storeys, with a total of 131 apartments. Shops and commercial space occupy the ground floor and the two storeys above.

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The Trust asks for your support by making a short submission. See information on how to do this at the end of the story.


  • A development application has been received for a five storey development at 19-21 Forest Grove.
    The Trust has some deep misgivings about this proposed development. You can see the full application paperwork on the council site here.
     Some 17 mature trees will be cut down to make way for this development. Only four of the
    existing trees on or near the site will remain. Amongst the trees to be destroyed
    are three camellias ( each about 4m. high); a Japanese maple (3.5m); a Christmas bush (4m);
    a magnolia (6m); two jacarandas (10 and 6 m) and a spotted gum (5m).
     The communal open space which this building is obliged to provide is on the roof of the
    building. It is desirable that such communal open space be provided at ground level. Apart
    from the fact that the roof top area will have very little shade, the arrangement will require
    the height of the building to exceed the mandated height limit by 10%, in order to provide
    lift and stairway access to the roof area.
     The building will have 56 apartments and garage space for 70 cars, thus worsening the
    already chaotic traffic situation in Epping
     The driveway exits the building very close to a bend in Forest Grove, and alongside a well-
    used walkway between Forest Grove and Essex St. We query the safety of such a layout.
     The back of this development abuts the Essex St Heritage Conservation area. The removal of
    so many trees, and the block-like and unimaginative design of this building does nothing to
    enhance the appeal of the Heritage area or of Forest Grove or Forest Park.

The Trust will be submitting its objections, but while it represents several hundred members, the Trust’s submission will count as a single objection. If you share our concerns, please submit your own objections to City of Parramatta Council. You can find email them at council@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au or post a submission to City of Parramatta, PO Box 32, Parramatta 2124. You need to include your name and address, and the DA number - DA/655/2019 in your submission.  You need to clearly set out your concerns. Submissions close on 20th February.