16 Victoria Street Epping

16 Victoria Street Epping


This DA for a major renovation in a house within the Heritage Conservation Area in Epping

UPDATE 14 MARCH: This application has been withdrawn by the applicant. Let's hope any future applications respects the HCA and the requirements for this area. 

This DA is for a major renovation and extension to a house within Epping's Heritage Conservation Area. DA's for this area need to comply with design requirements so that the heritage nature of the houses, and the streetscape are maintained.  The Trust has concerns both because of its location but also the proposed changes: 

Objection 1 – Unsightly ‘Lane-way’ access to rear granny flat

This house is located in one of the prime streets within the Eastwood Epping Heritage Conservation Area. As such, any adverse impact on the streetscape must be avoided.

However, it is noted that in order to provide separate access to the proposed rear located granny flat, it is intended to create a concrete pathway along the southern boundary fence line. This separate pathway access has the very real potential to create a very undesirable and highly visible intrusion on the streetscape.

It appears there is the intention to remove and clear away the existing very healthy and well-established flowering plantings along the property’s southern boundary.

Objection 2 – Potential changes to front fence

Further to the need for the maintenance of the existing streetscape in this critically important location within the Eastwood Epping Heritage Conservation Area, it appears the applicants are intending to remove the existing low rise brick wall and hedge, and install a 1.2 metre high masonry piers with metal work in between.

The Environmental Impact Statement states however a different concept, that of a picket fence on brick being installed. This DA is not consistent in its fencing proposals and does not provide clear details of any design, materials or colour schedules. Should Council approve this DA, the applicant should provide Council with an acceptable front fence design schedule that includes a coloured pictorial representation that complements the existing heritage streetscape.

Objection 3 – Driveway

Further to the need for the maintenance of the existing streetscape in this critically important location within the Epping Eastwood Heritage Conservation Area, it appears the applicants may be intending to change the existing dual strip driveway with grass center strip which is the preferred design for properties in this Heritage Conservation Area – in their preference to large expanses of unbroken concrete.

Any changes to the driveway especially near the mature brushbox tree on Council’s nature strip should be avoided. And a condition of Council, should the DA be approved, would be for the installation of substantial protection of the street tree in the vicinity of the driveway.

Rear Granny flat 

This appears to be above the height restrictions required and will overlook neighbouring property gardens, with privacy impacts. 

16 Victoria Street
This DA is on exhibition for public comments until 27 February 2021.

The full paperwork for the DA can be found here.

Short submissions can be emailed to council@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au - include your name, address, email and the DA number - DA/53/2021.