15-19 Essex Street, Epping

15-19 Essex Street, Epping


The proposed development is of 21 storeys, with a total of 131 apartments. Shops and commercial space occupy the ground floor and the two storeys above.

15-19 Essex Street

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Parramatta City Council has put on exhbition this DA for a large new unit development at 15-19 Essex Street, Epping comprising of three blocks. You can read the details here. 

The proposed development replaces an existing DA (passed in 2015) for a 5 storey apartment development. This new DA is for a tiered development up to 7 storeys and basement parking, with a total of 78 apartments.  

The Trust is  concerned by this DA for a number of reasons but primarily;

  • It exceeds the allowable height limit by some 19%
  • The current zoning in this location is only for 5 storeys. Allowing up to 7 storeys is a very dangerous precedent
  • There is serious overshadowing of neighbouring properties because of the height
  • There is non-compliant setback in the front of 7m (10m is required)
  • There are 69 trees on the site but this proposal leaves on 23 of them surviving. This is a severe loss of canopy and habitat
  • The proposal introduces serious interface issues with properties behind it on Norfolk Road. Some of these are in the Heritage Conservation Area but the impact on others is equally severe. The current zoning and developments have already shown that this location of high blocks right next to single storey dwellings is a very bad outcome. It should not be increased with more height.

This DA will be determined by the Sydney Central Planning Panel. The Trust will be submitting its objections, but while it represents several hundred members, the Trust’s submission will count as a single objection. If you share our concerns, please submit your own objections to City of Parramatta Council. You can find email them at council@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au or post a submission to City of Parramatta, PO Box 32, Parramatta 2124. You need to include your name and address, and the DA number - DA/546/2018 in your submission. The closing date for Submissions is 5 September 2018. You need to clearly set out your concerns. You can read the full Trust submission here