Proposed New Constitution and Incorporation

Proposed New Constitution and Incorporation

There will be a vote on a proposed new constitution for the Trust. This will be held at a Special General Meeting, held alongside the Ordinary General Meeting, on Tuesday 15th May.

The Epping Civic Trust has been representing the residents of Epping for 47 years. As a small community body, it has adapted over time to meet the needs of the area, but it remains a grass roots community organisation. Locals volunteer their time to serve on the Committee, organise General Meetings, lobby Council and government bodies, and raise awareness of issues. This year, the new Committee has taken time to review the governance of the Trust. Following this review, it is their opinion that two important steps need to be taken to bring the Trust up to modern day’s standards for not-for-profit associations of this type. During this review, the Trust has drawn on the expertise of the Department of Fair Trading (which has excellent resources for bodies like ours) and neighbouring Civic Trusts in Beecroft/Cheltenham and Pennant Hills.

Incorporation and the new constitution will be voted on at the Special General Meeting on Tuesday 15th May, 2018. They require a two thirds agreement of those financial members present at the meeting to pass. All members are encouraged to attend the meeting and participate. The committee asks for the support of members in order to pass these motions and allow the Trust to progress.

Special General Meeting

Two matters need to be addressed – a new Constitution for the Trust, and Incorporation as a Not-for-Profit Association.

For that reason, the Trust hereby gives notice to members of a Special General Meeting to be held in conjunction with the planned General Meeting on Tuesday 15th May, 2018, at 7.30 p.m. at Church of Christ hall, Bridge Street, Epping.


  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Constitution – proposal to adopt a new Epping Civic Trust Constitution
  3. Incorporation – proposal to incorporate the Epping Civic Trust
  4. Elect a Public Officer to serve until the 2019 AGM

The Committee will recommend to members that the following two motions are passed:

  1. That the Epping Civic Trust adopts a new Constitution as distributed to members
  2. That the Epping Civic Trust becomes an incorporated association through the NSW Department of Fair Trading

Please refer to explanatory notes below.


The current Epping Civic Trust constitution was last reviewed in 2007. Since then the Department of Fair Trading have developed model governance protocols for associations like the Trust which they recommend as best practice. Therefore, the committee has reviewed the recommendations of Fair Trading, and the constitution of similar Trusts which are more up to date, and proposes a new Epping Civic Trust Constitution. It does not change the objectives of the Trust but better defines good process for its operation – the AGM, office bearers, roles of Committee members and an Executive Committee, financial management and record keeping. You can view a copy of the proposed constitution here, and you can view the current constitution here.

Any member who would like a printed copy in advance of the meeting should email, and printed copies will be available at the Special General Meeting.


The Epping Civic Trust is currently not incorporated. This leaves members and volunteers without due protection if any action was to be taken against the Trust or in the case of financial insolvency leaving outstanding debts. As the Trust is very active in speaking up on behalf of the community in public forums and online, the committee sees this as an unacceptable risk.

Incorporation, through the Department of Fair Trading, would progress the Trust to modern governance and allow members to be actively involved without unnecessary personal risk. The process includes some additional annual paperwork, but this is not considered too hard for the committee to undertake each year.