Epping Planning Review Update – June 2018

Epping Planning Review Update – June 2018

Important information on the Epping Planning Review

UPDATE Paper and Recommendations to go to Council meeting on 25 June.

The City of Parramatta have published an important paper on the future of Epping - which is an update of key actions from the 2017 Epping Planning Review process. There are 9 important recommendations going before council at their meeting on 25th June. The Trust has carefully assessed the key points of these motions to form its response, which it will present at the council meeting.

Key points that the Trust essentially supports include:

  • The Trust welcomes the recommendation that the Traffic Study will now go out to public consultation. The Trust will make detailed comments then on aspects it has concerns about.
  • The Trust supports the move by council to use the traffic findings to try and curtail further development over and above that already contained in planning controls, which is already excessive. However, the traffic report is woefully thin on solutions
  • The Trust thinks the analysis showing the real rate of growth of the Epping population and how it may result in up to 10,000 more residents is important. It may still well be an under estimate. 
  • The Trust supports the recommendations seeking more commercial floor space in Epping to reverse the disastrous loss of commercial activity in the current planning.
  • However, there are aspects in the review paper recommendations that the Trust does not support:

    1. The Recommendations should not only cover the development of the Rawson Street car park site as a community space. It is not acceptable that there is no mention of the further enhancement of the Library site on the east side of Epping as well. The community clearly said at the review consultations that they want the Library retained and improved.

    2. The Recommendations covering the management of the Planning Proposal for the Austino site and the former Bowling Club are problematic. The Trust only supports actions that will lead to the retention of open public space in this area.

    3. The Recommendations that would lead to the removal of the Heritage Conservation Areas in three locations, and rezoning of another precinct, are not acceptable. These are critical areas that protect heritage and contain further development. They must be retained and even enhanced for the benefit of all residents into the future. The Trust intends to lobby forcefully against any moves to remove or water them down.

    The Traffic Study can be accessed at Epping Town Centre Traffic Survey May 2018

    The Introduction to the Planning Review with the recommendations going to council can be accessed at Epping Planning Review introduction

    Depending what is passed at Council, residents will be invited to participate in important community consultation on all these keys matters. The Trust encourages people to be vocal and active.

    UPDATE: These papers were originally tabled at the Council Meeting on Monday 28th May. The Epping Ward councillors put forward a motion though to defer discussion of the papers and 9 recommendations citing need for further time to study them and consult with the community. This motion passed. However, the recommendations have now been re-tabled for the June meeting with no changes. Any amendments need to be brought forward at the council meeting. This is just not good enough and means the public do not know what is likely to be the outcome.

    To make representations to the local councillors, you can email them:

    Donna Davis - ddavis@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au

    Lorraine Wearne - lwearne@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au

    Bill Tyrrell - btyrrell@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au